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Written by Dallas Lewis — November 16, 2012

Fall Favorites!

With the seasons changing so are our desserts at Whisk! We are offering some fall favorites for the holidays coming up!  We have lots of Halloween Treats and Even a Pumpkin filled with candy! We have great cakes for Thanksgiving that would look fabulous on anyones table. Please visit the website to check out more specials and look for our new Groupon coming out this month !

Happy Eating,


Written by Dallas Lewis — October 02, 2012


 Heres to Grouponing! We all know that Grouponing is the newest way to explore new items, new restaurants and now Whisk Desserts!! We are proud to have our Groupon starting today. You can go online to Groupon.com and search the savannah/hilton Head area to find our $30.00 for $15.00 Groupon! Happy Ordering.


Written by Dallas Lewis — April 26, 2012

Finding Peace

 Hello Everyone!!!

I have had the chance lately to tell my story to lots of people who have asked why I bake. Well to be honest It has always been hard for me to tell that story without crying, but lately I have found peace in my heart when I start talking about my mother, Terry. I bake because it reminds me of the times I spent with my mom before she passed back in 1996. I was 14 years old when she went to Heaven and for the longest time I was angry and never wanted to bake. When I got older and got married I found her old recipe box and started to cry. It took me several months to open it and when I did I just sat back and read each recipe with tear filled eyes. I knew at that moment I had found something very special and very close to my heart. I started making each recipe one at a time and when I tasted each meal it brought back the memories of eating with my mom and cooking with her in the kitchen. I had this over whelming feeling that everyone should try these great heart felt memories so I started making desserts for my family and friends. Eventually I started selling these cakes to restaurants and locals. I wanted everyone who came My way to be apart of something special. When I started working at the Chart House in Savannah, Ga. I started tweaking these recipes to make them my own. I would bring cakes, cookies, pies and brownies to work almost everyday for everyone to try and give me feedback. Somethings were labeled, Good, Great and Oh My Dallas this is the best thing you've ever made. I knew at that moment that I wanted everything I made to be the Best thing. And I also felt those were the recipes my Mom helped me create. I spend time with her now everytime I bake, everytime I have an idea for something new and everytime I sell something to you.


Now that I am a single mom, I try and create recipes with my son, Griffin. He is only 2yr old.but He loves to put the sprinkles on the cookies and to lick the beaters. My hope is that he can create special memories with me in the kitchen just as I did with my mom. And I hope he learns from the stories I tell him about his Grandma and how baking is a special moment for all of us.

So be creative, loving and passionate! That Is what I tell him everyday.

Happy Eating!


Written by Dallas Lewis — April 15, 2012

Mother's Day

 Here's to all the Mothers out there!!! Happy Mothers Day. Being a mother myself I know how hard we work. Why not get a little reward for all your hard work from Whisk Desserts!! It is my pleasure to bake something for you and your family. So place that order today and Ill hand deliver it to you on your special day!!!

Written by Dallas Lewis — April 12, 2012

New products

 Whisk Desserts has just added a few new items to the list. Check out all of new delicious desserts! I'm sure you'll find something for yourself or your loved ones. Easter is just around the corner so place your orders now.



Written by Dallas Lewis — March 25, 2012


 Thanks to everyone for your recent orders. It was my pleasure to bake for you all. I am still making new recipes everyday and I will be adding new products in the next month or so.

Written by Dallas Lewis — February 19, 2012


 I'm so excited today because Whisk has finally launched. I hope everyone see's a dessert they love and I look forward to your future orders. Thank you to everyone at the Charthouse Savannah, Ga for being my taste testers over the last 5 years. I'm sure it was painstaking for all you to taste as many desserts as you did!!!! This has been a dream of mine for the last 3 years and I'm so glad It's finally here!!!! My mother was my inspiration for all these recipes. She was the main influence in my life and eventhough she passed back in 1996, I still bake with her today in my heart. I have used all of her traditional recipes and I have also created new ones with her base recipes. I know she would be very proud of me and I can only thank her for my inspiration. Here's to Whisk!!




Written by Dallas Lewis — February 05, 2012

Welcome to Whisk

Welcome to Whisk.com the new online dessert store! I am very pleased to announce the opening of  Whisk.com It is a pleasure to finally be able to expand my love of desserts! I am a baker at heart and I can't wait to share my recipes with all of you!  So go on and take a look at the site. You can purchase your desserts online or call 912-306-5002

Our cake of the Month is going to be the Red Velvet Cake! This cake is a true southern classic layered with cream cheese icing and Georgia pecans. You can enjoy this cake with a cup of coffee and a couple of friends or family memeber.  This cake is one of my favorites  and I look forward to baking this great cake for all of you!!!


Written by Shopify — February 03, 2012